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Bringing You Are 'Only Agency At The Party' Exclusivity Fee Reduction! 


FusionHub, Bedford Recruitment Agencies, Exclusivity Fee Reduction

If you choose to use FusionHub as your Sole Recruitment Partner for 25 Business Days


We will Recruit for any Vacancy at 14%


What are the 'Benefits' working Exclusively with FusionHub? 

  • Our Full and Undivided commitment to Your Requirement

  • You’re taking the focus off-speed and back on quality where recruitment works best and great results are more likely

  • Allows us to take a thorough and detailed unrushed brief!  So, we can really 'Paint that Rich Picture' and 'Tell Your Story.'

  • Allowing us to confidently go out into the candidate market and really 'pique the interest' of great and relevant talent.

  • We can bring all of our talents to bear, and conduct an extensive search methodology through multiple channels and networks!

  • We can spend a lot more time Advertising, Marketing, Attracting, Searching, Engaging, Enticing and Screening, ensuring you don't just get the 'Right' Business and Office Support candidates! You get the 'Best' Candidates in Milton Keynes & Bedfordshire!

  • Your Employer Brand is being preserved by working exclusively with us! Taking one's times leads to increased efficiency and diligence, which guarantees an exceptional candidate experience!

  • Working with a sole agency can save you a lot of time, as you will have fewer interactions (looking at multiple CVs, providing multiple pieces of feedback on CVs, arranging interviews and providing interview feedback with different agencies, and preventing duplication)

  • A single point of contact is much more time and cost efficient for you!

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We know there is an element of apprehension when choosing a Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes Recruitment Agency, especially if you've had bad experiences in the past; or if this is your first time looking for help hiring!

We're Human too, we get it!

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Cold calling businesses in Milton Keynes & Bedfordshire like a desperate Ex just isn't our thing at all! 

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