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Recruitment Fees & Rebate Protection

Once you’ve finished wiping the coffee from your keyboard or smartphone, Yes, you have stumbled across a Recruitment Agency in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes with a transparent; as well as a very competitive Pricing and Guarantees/Protection Scheme displayed on their website!  

Competively priced recruitment fees, FusionHub, Recruitment Agency in Bedford

If that sounds good, keep on reading!

You see, we’re confident displaying our Prices and Guarantee Scheme!

Why? Because we believe in transparency, and we're pretty certain you want to know about price and protection!


FusionHub Recruitment Fees Explained

The (Fee Table Below) represents the % paid to FusionHub when your New Hire commences working for you. The fee is paid ONLY when your new hire starts!

That's not bad is it? If you don't hire one of our candidates, you don't pay a penny! 


FusionHub Recruitment Agency in Bedford, Recruitment Fees

PS: We can always have an Open, Honest and 'Human' Conversation about the %s! We're not robots!


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What makes FusionHub Great Value? Aside from the Price?

Our Main Core Value and Philosophy is Quality over Quantity. We purposely don’t work a large number of vacancies, or work with multiple clients. 

How exactly does this philosophy make us an Attractive Choice as Your Go-to Recruitment Agency in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes?




With FusionHub you always have our 12 weeks (3 months) Rebate Protection Period (See Scale of Refunds Table Below)

So, if your new hire leaves, or is let go within this 12 week period, we have a sliding scale rebate to refund you a percentage of the fee paid to us.

Before this rebate (refund) kicks in, we ask that we be able to find you a FREE REPLACEMENT within a period of 25 Business Days.

If we can't, then we will refund your fee (£) based on the % matrix below.

We get 100% that every hire is risky! Together, we can’t always get it right! Anyone who claims they can 100% of the time is lying.

So, let's share the risk together! That’s what real teamwork is, isn’t it?


FusionHub Recruitment Agency in Bedford, Rebate Protection Table



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