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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of roles do you Recruit for? 

We're an Office Recruitment Agency in Bedford, who recruit for Permanent and FTC Business and Office Support roles in the following disciplines up to Manager Level

(Accountancy & Finance) (Administration) (Secretarial & PA) (Customer Service)  (HR) (Legal) (Marketing & Comms) (Professional Services Support) (Sales)

Where do you Recruit? What Locations?

We Recruit in BedfordshireMilton Keynes and Surrounding Locations (Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Kempston, Bletchley & Milton Keynes)

We love to keep it local at FusionHub! Why? Because we really need to come out and see you, which allows us to Paint that 'Rich Picture' of your business to market and pique the interest of local talent! 

Great passive talent will require a good recruiter to go into detail about you as a business before they commit to entering your hiring process!

How is FusionHub Recruitment Different? 

Where do we start? This would be too long for here! Visit our Home Page and/or Employer Page to find out WHY we differ from other Recruitment Agencies in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Surrounding areas,  and how it can BENEFIT YOU!

What Services do you offer? What are you all about?

We believe great recruitment is the same as conducting thorough and diligent investigations. Our Founder James is an Ex-Cop! The ‘Devil is in the detail!’

That starts with getting to know you, your brand, your culture and your opportunity inside out and back to front. We will ask questions, more questions, and listen carefully to the answers.

This allows us to Paint a ‘Rich Picture’ and ‘Tell the Story’ of your business to attract not just the 'Right Talent' but the 'Best Talent.'

This ‘Rich Picture’ we’re 100% obsessed with allows us to effectively Market, Sell, Attract, Search, Pique interest, Engage, Entice and Secure great local candidates!   

The Rich Picture painted about your business, brand, culture and opportunity actually allow us to go out into the local candidate market and confidently reach out to talent, and sell your opportunity to them!

What we DON’T do is a 15 min brief chat with you over the phone, and then ask for a copy of the job description! That’s 100% how we DO NOT roll!

That won’t lead to relevant candidates, and can actually take up more of you time, add to your frustrations, and increase what could already be a time critical situation!

As well as sourcing matching candidates, we

  • Work in Partnership with you throughout, keeping in regular contact! Not in an annoying way!

  • Diligently and professionally arrange all interviews

  • Provide interview feedback

  • Manage offers

  • Negotiate salaries

  • Manage the recruitment process throughout the process

  • Check in with you periodically after your new hire has started with you! We don't take your money and do a runner!

  • We may even give you feedback and advice about aspects of your hiring process you could improve upon. In a nice respectful way of course!

  • Most importantly we know we are Representing You and Your Brand in the Candidate Market! We don't take that lightly! 

Find out more about Why FusionHub is your Go-To Recruitment Agency in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Surrounding

How Much do you Charge? 

Not as much as you probably assume! That’s not a bad thing, and yes, we are very competitive!

Especially, if you choose to give us Exclusivity as a Sole Recruitment Partner!  We think you will be pleasantly surprised!  

We feel pricing is important! 

So, we're one of only a few Recruitment Agencies in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes, actually anywhere, that are 100% Transparent and Confident enough to have a page on our website dedicated to our Recruitment Fees (Pricing Structure & Rebate Protection)

Are you Open to Negotiation?

We’re not robots at FusionHub, we love the human touch. Hopefully, your getting that vibe? 

So, how about we have an Open, Honest and Non-Pushy Human conversation, and let’s see what we can do for each other?

How does that sound?

Why not check out our  'Only Agency at the Party' Exclusivity Flat FeeIt's ultra competitive! 

What Protection/Rebate do you offer if a candidate leaves?

We have a 12 Week Rebate Scheme that offers a sliding scale of refunds if your new hire leaves the business before the expiry of 12 weeks. 

Sometimes with all the best intentions in the world, things don’t work out! It happens! It would not be logical or indeed honest to claim otherwise! (All though some do!)

That’s why here at FusionHub as your Recruitment Partner we Share the Risk with you! That’s what you do in a team, isn’t it?

Exactly 'How Much Effort' goes into finding candidates for me? 

Well, as mentioned we don’t work with multiple clients or multiple vacancies. So, we can give you a lot more time, effort and focus on your individual needs than most!

We don’t have recruiters working 20+ roles as well as other weekly targets, which we might add, are likely to be completely unrelated to your current need!

Another Police type analogy from James!

His experience in the Police showed him that the more investigations you had running at any one time, the less time and effort you could put into each one!

You can guess what the success rate of multiple investigations were, compared to when you could focus all your time and effort on a few! The ethos of FusionHub is no different!

How can I 'Contact You' or 'Register a Job' with you? 

You can always fill out our Contact Form

You can even send us an email at

Or, you could simply give us a Call

Or, why not connect with James on LinkedIn, and reach out on there!

What we do promise you is an Open, Honest, Friendly and Non-Pushy 'Human' conversation!

We may not be the right agency for you after all? If not, we will be upfront and tell you!

Do I get a Single Point of Contact? 

Yes you do! We’re old school in a way! It’s always better to have that one single point of contact! We all know what happens if you don’t!

Will you Come Out and Visit Us?

This is essential as mentioned previously above. We need that 'Rich Picture' of your business!

Great Candidates need the full story, this includes painting them that Rich Picture of your business from our visit! Great candidates ask loads of questions!

So, if you're in based in Luton we will come to Luton, if you're in Leighton Buzzard we will go to Leighton Buzzard, if you're in Milton Keynes..... you get the picture! 

What can I do to get to know you better? I’m just not ready to commit just yet!

Great question! We 100% get that you may not be sure about us yet! You might be close, or you may hate us already?

But, if you’re on the fence, we get it!

You may have had a bad experience with a recruitment agency in the past, or maybe this is your first time searching the market for a recruitment agency? You've no doubt heard things! 

So, getting to know us, how we work, and our values is important to build that level of trust! Would you not agree?


So, here's a Solution!  

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Or, if your based in Bedfordshire, James is always popping along to Networking Events in Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and other locations in the area. So, keep your eyes peeled! He literally turns up to the opening of a bag of crisps it feels like!


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