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So, you're here because you're looking for a Bedfordshire Recruitment Agency?


At FusionHub Recruitment we specialise in Permanent and Fixed Term Contract recruitment for entry to mid-level commercial roles within Bedfordshire (Bedford, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Dustable) Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas

(Accounts & Finance) (Admin,Secretarial & PA) (Customer Service) (FMCG) (Hospitality) (HR) (Legal) (Marketing & Comms) (Professional Services Support) (Sales)


So, what are the BENEFITS to YOU in using our agency?


Why should we be YOUR Bedfordshire Recruitment Agency of Choice? 


Less volume, more value


  • Because we don't work to volume, we spend more of our time and effort on YOU and YOUR need. We simply don't see the value in working multiple vacancies. Rather work with a recruiter who is working your requirement with 15+ others, or with a couple of others? Which provides more value to you? Which of these recruiters will focus their time and effort uncovering the BEST for YOU?

  • This approach allows us time to research deeper, talk to more people, and to truly search and identify great talent for your business. Your requirement will never get deprioritised! If it's a tricky role then great, we have time for tricky!

  • Do you want to feel like one of a valued few rather than one of many? That's how we want YOU to feel! 


Stronger relationships


  • It means we have time to prioritise getting to know you and your business inside out, ensuring that we get it right for you. 

  • Because we will have such an awesome relationship with you, we will become your free PR and promote your business brand and employer brand  in the local business community and candidate market. We are always talking to people locally in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

  • We will let YOU know about exciting new talent in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. NOT you and all of your local competitors! One of the many benefits of a strong relationship. Loyalty! 


Driven by delighting


  • Here at FusionHub Recruitment we're not motivated or measured by sales targets. We work to values that align with what you truly want from a recruitment partner.

  • We keep you regularly updated and won’t disappear off the grid for weeks or vanish.

  • If we can’t find you the right candidate we will tell you. We appreciate you have business decisions to make. 

  • No more inbox flooded with unsuitable CVs! We will only send you candidates we believe you 100% want to hear about! 

  • Tired of disingenuous ‘touch base’ sales calls? We want to be your 'true business friend'! Not the friend who only contacts you when THEY want something! 

  • Lastly, we aren't arrogant or pushy. We like to have 'human' conversations with people like you which are friendly, informative and respectful. 


We love long-term partnerships


  • Deliberately small and perfectly formed, we understand that continuity is the key to long-term beneficial partnerships.

  • You will never have to phone another agency only to find your previous contact has gone, and you have to educate someone new all over again. That's a hassle! 

  • Because we now know you inside out, and we work together like a well-oiled machine, the more professional your employer brand comes across to candidates. The difference between a superstar candidate joining you or not.



So, If you're looking for new talent right now in Bedfordshire or Milton Keynes, or maybe you have a vacancy coming up, please do get in touch, and let's have a chat. 

Maybe over a tea or coffee! 



What we can promise you is that it will be a Friendly, Open and Honest 'HUMAN' conversation! 


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We want to be your go-to Bedfordshire Recruitment Agency! 


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