Digital Marketing Courses, Certifications, and Free Resources

Digital Marketing Courses, Certifications, and Free Resources

Posted 29/9/2019 by James Selway
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Are you new to the world of digital marketing? Are you trying to secure your first role?

Maybe you're a small business who has the challenge of undertaking your own in-house marketing?

Perhaps you're even someone who works in marketing and wants to refresh; or add to their existing knowledge and skill base? 

Below we have summarised a number of Great Courses, Resources and Certifications that are a great way of developing your marketing skills! 

Some are free, some cost a small amount, but all are worth a look at to help you in your journey.

I have also added as a bonus some free Graphic Design Tools for Content Creation and some Free Image Websites as well.




Check out the full range here Google Academy 

Google Analytics

Google provides some excellent courses on the whole. Let’s face it analytics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the importance of it cannot be underestimated. Knowledge is power, measurement is essential.

At its very basic level, Google Analytics allows you to examine basic metrics such as how many visitors are coming to your website, how long they stay there, where they go within your site, when and where they leave; and where they have come from.

It gets a lot more advanced than that, but the basic analysis that can be gleaned from some of the simple functionality of Google Analytics can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts.

So Google has Analytics for Beginners which Is a great entry level course, which takes you from account creation, tracking codes, basic reports set up, goals and campaign tracking. 

Advanced Analytics is a little more complex in terms of ways to analyse data.

I would advise you have at least had sight of a Google Analytics dashboard before you start these courses. If only to have a fiddle around the interface, so as to know your way around a little bit!

The Google Analytics individual certification is a great achievement to put on your CV.


Google AdWords Certification

Many companies outsource their PPC marketing efforts simply due to the time, resource allocation and complexity of this particular marketing channel. However, if you work for a small company and want to utilise this tool, then you can learn it.

The certification consists of two tests. AdWords fundamentals (Basic and intermediate level). Then you have to choose one other course from search network, display, mobile, video and shopping.

Again a great certification to demonstrate knowledge, but make sure you have access to an AdWords account to put knowledge into application.

If you begin the course and find it too challenging then I would advise finding a complimentary course, which can teach you the basics so as to get a good grounding in AdWords.

There are a number of courses on Udemy relating to AdWords for as little as £9.99. Also, don’t forget that YouTube can be a valuable source of information.  



Social Media Courses and Certifications

(Channels & Automation Tools)



I will try and break this down into individual social media platforms and the popular social media automation tools.

For the automation tools, a starter for 10 would be to either use Hootsuite or Buffer as these are common social media automation platforms within the marketing industry, both similar in functionality.

I am going to be biased with Hootsuite purely because of the Hootsuite Academy and useful articles and posts provided by Hootsuite for user’s ongoing learning.

The Hootsuite Academy offers a number of courses, some free, some paid. (You essentially pay for the certificate).

A good tip, there are often discounts on these certifications. So, if you are put off by the price, remember they periodically will do 50% discounts.

Simply like and follow Hootsuite on LinkedIn and Facebook and I guarantee you the discount ads will follow you around social media. A great example of remarketing!


The Hootsuite Academy provides  


Platform Certification which demonstrates your proficiency around the interface, which can give employers confidence in your ability to use the platform. This costs $99.

Social Marketing Certification which costs $199

Social Ads Certification which costs $249

There are many more courses at various prices.



Facebook Courses


There are many courses available online where you can learn the basics of Facebook marketing, Facebook analytics and Facebook paid ads.

As discussed above Udemy are a great resource, even YouTube has great learning resources.

Facebook have their own certification called Facebook Blue Print, which consists of two certifications. Facebook certified planning professional and Facebook certified buying professional.

The cost is up to $150 per exam. You can either attend a dedicated centre to take the exam or you can do it online with an invigilator on webcam. Hard-core you may think, but it prevents cheating where the questions and answers appear online.



Twitter Courses


Twitter Flight School is a free course by Twitter which was opened up to the public in 2016.  A great course on how to develop a Twitter Marketing Campaign.




Digital Marketing Courses


Hubspot Courses


HubSpot does some excellent courses on various marketing channels relating to the digital marketing mix. Although HubSpot is by definition a developer and maker of software products for inbound marketing, they are a leading influencer in the digital marketing world.

Especially around SMM, Content Marketing, Web Analytics and SEO.


Free certification courses include

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing


These are great resources to build on knowledge already obtained, or if you have limited experience in inbound marketing, content marketing and email marketing this is a great place to start your learning journey.




Content Creation (Visual Imaginary)


Obviously in the world of digital marketing, especially if you work for a smaller organisation you will often see ‘experience in Adobe Creative Suite’. I.e. Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

However, more often than not, image creation for social media and blog posts etc can be created on other applications. Some of them 100% free!



Is a great free tool to get started with image creation for your content. It's has a free version which is more than enough for a small business. The paid version doesn't break the bank either. It's very reasonable. Click here to find out more 

Likewise, so is Crello.


Free Stock Images for Content Marketing

The power of visual imagery cannot be underestimated, and often you want to find great photos for your social content and blog posts. There are numerous sites out there where you can use images free for both commercial and personal use.

Here are a number of sites that you can utilize for your content marketing endeavours.




I hope you have found this article helpful. I know marketing channel resources can be a minefield, but the above courses and resources will give you a great grounding, especially if you're new to marketing, or an SME that doesn't currently have the turnover to hire a dedicated marketer!


I am always on the lookout for new information, new resources and new courses.


As always, if it helps one person move forward it’s worth the time sharing.

So please feel free to share this post! 


Free Digital Marketing Courses, Marketing Certifications, digital marketing resources


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