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The Happy & Helpful Hire Is Here! Your Hiring Sidekick!

Posted 13/2/2020 by James Selway
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Welcome to The Happy & Hire 

What is The Happy & Helpful Hire?

Think of the Happy & Helpful Hire as your Hiring Sidekick! Because that's what it is! Hiring and Recruitment Real Talk, with a Splash Of Humour!

Straight to your email, on a regular but not to heavy basis!

No sales pipeline, no unnecessary emails, just useful content that I believe will help your Talent Attraction and Talent Acquisition strategy for your business.

Sound good so far?


Why Was The Happy & Helpful Hire Born? 

I see loads of content to help candidates from recruiters, but very little that helps companies with their Talent Attraction and Acquisition efforts!

Especially for businesses that don't have the luxury of an in-house HR department or Recruiter! 

As an Ex-Cop it's built into me to help and give back, whether I like it or not, that's just who I am!  

People would say I'm nut's giving away Free Hiring & Recruitment advice and guidance, surely that's a reason why you use recruiters in the first place isn’t it?

Well yeah, but, I'm 100% cool with that! So screw them!


Can I be frank with you? 


I'm well aware of the reputation of the Recruitment Industry! It is what it is, and I can't change the world! 

But, I can try and do my bit, however small that is, to show you that it doesn't have to be that way! 

I don't want to be synonymous with the stereotype of arrogance, salesy and pushy! I believe it shouldn't be all 'Me, Me, Me, take, take, take!!

Luckily, I'm not like that all anyway.


What Are You Going To Get From Signing Up To The Happy & Helpful Hire? 

A mixture of Articles/Blog Posts, Helpful Hints & Tips, FusionHub Updates & Insights, Free Ebook's, Freebies, and the Occasional Offer and Promotion!


How Exactly Will It Help and Benefit YOU?


  • I will help you navigate the hiring landscape, providing best practice in all things Hiring and Recruitment. I know you probably haven't got time to keep your finger on the pulse! 

  • Together we will delve into the minds of candidates! Helping you supercharge your Talent Attraction and Acquisition efforts! Isn’t that what all businesses want? 

  • Uncover how building your own Employer Brand and Talent Pipeline can save you time, money and effort! Leading to better hires!

  • An honest dive into how ‘Great Recruiters’ work for YOU! With real examples & stories from FusionHub!

  • Overtake your competitors Talent Attraction and Acquisition Strategy! Giving YOU the pick of the top local talent! Who doesn’t want that?



Cold Calling Your Business vs Getting To Know Us

The world is changing! Hammering the phone and cold calling businesses like ones life depended on it isn't how we do things at FusionHub!

Which businesses actually like receiving these salesy, almost desperate ex type phone calls??

To be honest with you, FusionHub doesn't do any traditional style ‘push’ type selling or marketing!

I'm an advocate of a purely inbound approach!


Do you know what this means? 


It means I have to create a tonne of helpful and relevant content for my target audience!

I have to show you, I have to demonstrate to you and evidence of my knowledge, my recruitment philosophy, and my brand and my companies values.

Also, surely it's best to get to know a brand before you take the plunge in contacting them? 

Listen, I get 100% why a business would be apprehensive in using recruitment agencies! Truly I do!  

So here's a solution! Come and get to know me/us first? Come and see what makes us tick and what we're all about! 

And hey, if you want to use me for Recruitment, then great, let's do it!

If not, well, that's 100% cool, enjoy the content, and I hope it helps your businesses hiring efforts going forward.


In a Nutshell, that's why The Happy & Helpful Hire was born! 

So Come On In & Join Our Wonderful Growing Audience!


Get a Copy of Our Ebook 'Employer Brand' Your Talent Attraction Ally as your first piece of content from us on Sign Up! 


'Click Below' to Find Out More!


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