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How can Social Media Help in Your Job Search?

Posted 1/3/2019 by James Selway
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The advent of social media has seen great advancement in the way we interact with others, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Marketeers as part of the marketing mix utilise social media marketing as one of the key channels to reach both clients and customers.

So, how can you use it for your job search?  For many LinkedIn would be the most appropriate network to concentrate on so this article will focus on this social media platform


How can Social Media help in your job search?


Before we get really stuck in, here are some generic social media key points to be aware of.


  1. Make sure you clean up your social media profiles. Let’s be blunt, if you can see other people then they potentially can see you. It works both ways.

    So, what I am trying to say is that if you craft a professional persona for yourself on LinkedIn, and then a potential contact does their research on you on Facebook, make sure you appear to be the same persona.

    I think this is common sense, but sometimes common sense isn’t as common as you would think

  2. Have a real clear plan and strategy before you launch. Who are you? What are you about? What can you bring to the table? Why are you the ideal hire? What makes you stand out? If you nail this at the start it makes it so much easier.

    The age-old saying, if you want to build a big wall, concentrate on creating strong foundations first.

    Spending a little time on this before, and not rushing into things, will pay dividends in the long run.


  3. Don’t overstretch yourself. Businesses have, and still do this one mistake. They jump on all the social media channels because “everyone is on them,” and they feel they need to be present at the social media party.

    However, they haven’t got enough resources to be ever present on all these channels. It’s better to be on point on a few social channels rather than having what I call ghost ship profiles on multiple social media platforms.

    You know what I mean, you go to someone’s page and they haven’t posted for a year. What’s happened? Hopefully nothing sinister.


LinkedIn is your go-to Social Media platform for job searching


Now there are entire books written on the do’s, don’ts and best practice of LinkedIn, however, I am a big advocate of ‘keeping it real.’

Don’t try and be something or someone you’re not, because sooner or later you will break character.

Always be true to yourself and be genuine. So, here are a few tips to get started using LinkedIn for your job search. This is not an exhaustive list by any means!


  1. Create a strong profile. LinkedIn is great at telling you your profile isn’t complete. Resist the temptation to scream “I KNOW THAT!” every time you log in.

    Go check out other people’s profiles in your industry or niche, see what their profiles look like.

    Don’t be afraid of showing who you really are. Put some personality into it!


  • Make sure you have a strong headline statement. Please don’t write stuff like ‘unicorn’, ‘ninja’, ‘evangelist,’ ‘disruptor’ etc as we don’t search for these phrases. I have yet to be briefed to find one of these job titles.

  • Utilise all the summary area, give a flavour of who you are, what you're about, what you have done. Think executive summary. This is where you market yourself. Don’t be shy! You will see very quickly on Linkedin that nobody else is!

  • List your career history. This doesn’t mean write your CV. Keep it brief, let us know what you did, what you achieved, what were your key responsibilities.

    I always tell people you know when it’s just a list because if you say, ‘ So what?’ after the statement, you haven’t been descriptive enough.


  • List your education, certificates, qualifications. Don’t be modest!

  • Recommendations and endorsements. Endorsements aren't what they once were. Anyone can endorse you. Someone endorsed me today, never heard of them.

    Recommendations are useful as they provide some hard evidence in your ability. Reach out to ex-colleagues and simply ask to be endorsed.

    It sometimes as simple as if you don't ask you don't get.

    I was hesitant at first, but once you find out this is no biggie to people the confidence to ask increases. 


  1. How often can you visit LinkedIn in a day? If you work a demanding role with long hours obviously less than you would like I am guessing. But… it’s better to be consistent.

    So, if you have 20 mins a day on the train, at lunch, then 20 mins every day is better than being on it once a week for an hour. Stick to a plan and a schedule.


  2. Connect with people/companies, follow them and be social! Social Media is just that, so be social, join in, offer your opinion, ask questions, and start having meaningful engaging conversations. In essence this is online networking.

    The more your face and name is on other peoples feeds, the more exposure you get. That bit of banter you had with the MD of a company could be the first steps in being referred to another company.

    Because you are now chummy with X, she could put you in front of Y because they are connections. You get the drift.

    Like everything the more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities present themselves to you.


  3. Join LinkedIn Groups. There are many reasons why this is useful. You keep up to date with the latest trends and talking points in your industry or niche. You can ask questions in these groups, as well as help others who ask questions.

    In essence you are promoting yourself and your own personal brand, as both knowledgeable and helpful, but above all, you are joining in on the conversation and being social.

    You never know, that one hiring manager may be in your question thread. Or, someone you connect and engage within this group may know someone, who knows someone who is hiring.


  4. Keyword your profile. You want people to find you when they search. Let me tell you, us recruiters use LinkedIn and so do hiring managers who are looking to fill the roles themselves.

    So, have a good think about what keywords are being used to find you. You could have the best profile full of great and interesting things about you and your achievements, but if it’s difficult to find you, this profile won’t be fully working to your advantage.

    Think about fishing with a net. It's better to have a smaller net in perfect condition, than a whopping great big net riddled with holes.


I hope these tips have been helpful. As always if it helps one person move forward it was worth the time writing it.


What other advice would you give on how to use social media for job searching and career advancement?

All comments help, so please comment and share!

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