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Top Talent Attraction Trends in 2020 and Beyond (PART 2)

Posted 10/1/2020 by James Selway
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Welcome to Part Two of our Three Part Series 

Top Talent Attraction Trends in 2020 and Beyond! 


In Top Talent Attraction Trends in 2020 and Beyond Part One we discussed the importance of Inbound Marketing Efforts on Talent Attraction and Acquisition, as well as the Importance of a companies 'Employer Brand! 


What are some other trends that are shaping the Talent Attraction landscape? 


Talent Pools

Talent Pools, Talent Attraction, Talent Acquisition

What is a Talent Pool?

A Talent Pool is a place where Recruiters, HR managers and Hiring Managers should keep great candidates that enter their 'talent pipeline'

As a company, this could relate to candidates that have applied for live opportunities, speculative CV submissions, candidates that have reached out on other platforms (LinkedIn for example) and referrals from current employees.

Sometimes I am a little shocked that companies don’t pay more attention to the long-game when it comes to Talent Pools!

I.e. Why go straight out to market every time you have a need? Especially, when you should have a ton of talent you have attracted through the above means as part of your Employer Brand! 


Make sure you nurture this Talent Pool!


Example: A great candidate has engaged with all your content and really wants to work for you!

But, you don’t have any live opportunities.

That candidate then decides to send you their speculative CV and Cover letter.

They're amazing, they relate and resonate with your brand, and YOUR Employer Brand has attracted them! Well done! Your Employer Brand is working!


How do you think this candidate is going to view your brand if they don’t get a reply? It happens a hell of a lot!

Think about that scenario for a minute. What could be the overall cost to your business of not replying? 


Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience Important for Talent Acquisition and Attraction

Just as an awesome Employer Brand can aid in Talent Attraction, a negative Employer Brand can harm your Talent Attraction Strategy!


Candidate experience is one of the many facets of your Talent Attraction Strategy you should be focusing on.

It’s becoming more and more important for candidates. The hiring process is now very much a two-way street. I bang on about this all the time! 

In as much as there is now a strong onus on a company to convince a candidate that they are the best choice for their next career move.

So, think about what experience you are giving candidates all the way through the hiring process. You now have to delight candidates throughout the whole process!

This doesn’t just relate to successful candidates, but involves every candidate that enters your Talent Pipeline or Hiring Process for open positions.


  • If you have one position, how many candidates will you have to reject? Think about this! You reject more than you hire!

  • How many have entered the process? It could be hundreds! All of them need to be given a delightful experience! Are they?

  • Are you updating them on their progress?

  • Are you giving them timely feedback?

  • Are you telling great candidates who may come in second place that you will keep their details, and actually ‘contact them’ when another opportunity arises? Do you keep your word?


In a nutshell, have you left a pleasant taste in their mouth about you and your Companies’ Brand?


If not, word gets around now! Here are some interesting statistics relating to the candidate experience


83% of candidates say a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once liked.
LinkedIn (2015) Annual Trend Report.


41% of the HR community believe that the length of the recruitment process has led to the loss of potential hires in the last 12 months.


Candidate experience is essential for an effective Candidate Attraction and Acquisition Strategy! 

In Part 3 we will be examining Social Media and Employee Referral Schemes! 

So, keep your eyes peeled for Part 3


Author James Selway, Owner of Luton Recruitment Agency, FusionHub Recruitment

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