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7 x Ways to Make a Great First Impression on Your First Day at Your New Job!

Posted 21/10/2019 by James Selway
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So, you have got the job, you've finished doing the ‘I got the job dance,’ we all have one! Mine sadly is one that resembles a drunk uncle at a wedding! 

You're now counting down the days until your first day! A mixture of both nerves and excitement, but in a good way!


What can you do to ensure you make a 'Super' first impression with your new company?


Well, there are things you can do right now, and in your first few weeks/months to help you settle in a bit quicker; and prove to your new team and your new boss what a star they have uncovered. You get one chance to make a first impression as they say! 



1. Research and Preparation


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, Research new job

You have aced your interview, the offer has been made and accepted and your first day has been pencilled in.

Now, I am sure you diligently did your homework about the company before your interviews, but it shouldn’t stop there! Find out exactly what the schedule is for your first day, the first few weeks and what you need to bring with you on your first day.

The time between your resignation and start date can be used to do that extra bit of research on the company, its culture and its objectives, as well as giving you the best prep time for the coming months ahead.


A 'Good Employer' Onboarding process should actively encourage this.


2. Don’t be late


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, don't be late on your first day

Make sure that you're not late on your first day. Being late on your first day is possibly the worst thing that can happen, and it’s not a great first impression!

My advice is to do a dummy run. Maybe you interviewed at 12 pm and the traffic was free and flowing nicely. However, your journey may not be as problem-free during the morning rush hour!

It’s imperative that on your first day you arrive with plenty of time to spare (just in case). I don’t mean being outside your office at the crack of dawn, when the only signs of life on the street are pigeons and people stumbling home from the night before!

Plan for the worst-case travel scenario. It happens! We have no doubt all been there. I have! Lots of times!



3. What do I wear?


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, What to wear on my first day

Before you start, speak with HR or your new boss and inquire about the dress code. You may have broached this topic in the interview, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm.

Is it casual, smart casual or smart smart? I often have trouble with this as smart casual is quite subjective to the person. To me, jeans are smart casual. To others its trousers or chinos etc. 

Air on the side of caution on your first day, and go for a neutral ensemble. 

A good tip is when you go to the company for your interview, soak up the culture and have a ganders at what your future colleagues are wearing. Though be careful, as it could be ‘Wear what you like Friday,’ or a ‘charity fancy dress day.’ Just ask!


4. Proactivity 


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, how proactive should you be on first day

Now depending on the role, once you have been introduced to the teams and departments try to get involved, try to be proactive, roll up your sleeves and just get stuck in!

Show genuine interest and willingness to get involved early doors and learn. I know some people are more watchers or observers before they feel confident enough to put their best foot forward.

But, be mindful of this, and how it may be perceived by your colleagues if you take a step back and stay on the sidelines during your first few weeks. Just go for it!


5. Don’t try and change things on your first day


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, first day at new job

There is a difference between showing an interest and getting stuck in on your first day, to being somewhat opinionated as to what you did in your last company; and finding fault in your new company’s processes.

Good tip, bite your tongue! Every business is run differently, some do things great, and in some there is obvious room for improvement. Please wait until your feet are firmly under the table until you start being the advocate for change. Note stuff down by all means! It may come in very handy later on!

It can really get peoples noses out of joint giving your feedback in the first week, even if you do deem it constructive.

Remember, you’re new, it takes time to build trust and rapport with your new team. Think of yourself as a sponge, just absorb. Don’t squeeze and rinse your opinions out just yet.

There’s plenty of time to propose improvements and change! 



6. Be yourself 


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, be yourself at work

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s very difficult to stay in character if you're acting. I am a huge advocate in embracing who you are, as this is what makes you unique.

Often uniqueness is a likeable trait, as you stand out. Demonstrate your interests to your new team, your sense of humour and your character. You never know, you could have a kindred spirit in your team.

I’m still waiting to find a work colleague who will

1. Go metal detecting with me (15 years and waiting!!)

2. Come with me on a paranormal investigation.

But... you get the drift. Be 100% you, not a watered-down version.



7. Embrace any Social Events


Bedford Recruitment Agency, Blog, Image, socialising with colleagues

Look, I know some of us are social butterflies who love after-work drinks and soaking up the ambience of these occasions. I also know that some of us just want to go home and relax after a hard days toil, ping on Netflix and binge-watch that new series with a Ben & Jerry's and G&T!

Or, you may have a family, which obviously involves commitments in the evening.

Nothing wrong with any of this. I am the person who loves going home, flicking on the TV and watching my boxsets. After-work drinks? No thank you! I’m fine!

However, during your bedding in period at your new place of work, if after-work drinks are a ‘thing’, then bite the bullet and try and go.

If your team all lunch together outside then go if invited. Show willing, as this is a great way to prove you want to be part of the team.

It’s great to chat with colleagues in a more informal setting as you certainly get to know them more outside the confines of the office environment, and this helps you integrate into the team and builds meaningful bonds.




This is not an exclusive list of how to make a good first impression, but hopefully, it’s given you a nudge in the right direction, or raised a point that may you may have overlooked. If this article helps one person, then it was worth the time writing it. 

If you have any advice yourself leave and comment!

Or, if you think this could help someone you know then please share!

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Author James Selway, FusionHub Recruitment Agency in Bedford



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