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Right, so firstly, what you won't find here is one of those stuffy corporate Recruitment Agency Blogs. Here at FusionHub Recruitment we write for 'Humans.' So, kiss goodbye to the 'play it safe' careers and hiring related blog articles that you often see. Be prepared for a little bit of emotion (we care you see!) a sprinkle of humour, and some realism! 


We love to keep people informed as to whats going on in the local business community in Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes, so it won't all be about job hunting, careers and hiring hints, tips and advice. 

We are on a mission to help people succeed in their careers!

To do that, we need a 'Real Recruitment Blog!


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Should I put hobbies and interests on my cv

Why Your Hobbies and Interests CAN Make Your CV Stand Out

Many candidates ask me questions relating to best practice when it comes to CVs. The truth is a CV is highly subjective based on the personality of the person who actually receives it. That’s a fact I... read more...

Job Search Motivation, Motivational Quotes, Careers, Jobs

‘Don’t be an Eeyore, be a Pooh’ – Some Motivational Quotes for Your Job Search

The job search! You know what it’s like, sometimes we all get a little down in the dumps. Often it’s the smallest bit of wisdom or insight that makes us kick back into re-calibration mode, dust oursel... read more...

Annoying work colleagues, people we hate at work, blog pos

8 People That Are in Every Workplace in the World!

In every workplace in the world there are a unique group of people. You know exactly who these people are! They are very much amongst us. You may be fortunate to have just one of these rogues in your ... read more...

CV do's and Don'ts, CV advice, How to write a CV article,

Some CV DO's & Some CV DON'Ts

Let's be 100% honest, the world of CV writing is a minefield of different opinions. Some are valid, some not so, and some advice is thrown out there to make you more confused, so you feel you need to ... read more...

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