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My name is James Selway and I am the founder of FusionHub Recruitment Agency. We specialise in entry to mid-level commercial roles in Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes

I live in Bedford and love Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes, and as a local business I enjoy working with other local businesses and candidates; to help the region prosper.

I believe in the 'Human' element of recruitment, as well as the need to stay small and perfectly formed. This is to ensure that the 'Human' and 'Personal' elements shine through in how we do things. 



I haven't always been a recruiter, once upon a time I was a Police Officer. It may seem like an odd career shift into the world of recruitment, but it's not as weird as you would think.

Being an ex-cop has equipped me with real-world experience, as well as honing skills essential to becoming an excellent recruiter. A healthy dose of natural curiosity, the love of talking to people, investigating, asking the right questions, listening; and It makes for a lovely transition into the people business that is recruitment. I still get to use my skills and experience to help people but in a different way. As an small, independent recruitment agency we have a passion for people! NOT sales targets!


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 FusionHub specialises in the recruitment of Entry to Mid-Level Commercial roles in Bedfordshire (Bedford, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable) Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas.


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